Programs that work as they were people

Jidoka is a software solution that operates software and applications in the same way that people do: reading data and images on a screen, entering keyboard commands, moving the mouse, etc. With Jidoka robots you can automate daily tasks and processes to drastically improve productivity and efficiency of your business.

A pioneering paradigm in process automation

Jidoka is a software platform based on RPA technology (Robotic Process Automation) that makes use of existing applications imitating the actions of a human agent but adding speed and reliability to business processes. Jidoka liberates people from monotonous and error prone tasks so they can dedicate to more value-added work, maintaining the processes with continuous 24/7 activity without errors.

¿How does it work?

The main feature of Jidoka is its "non-intrusive" approach: the robots do not need to access databases or integrate with external systems, they interact with program and application through user interfaces or windows..


Cost reduction Robots perform the tasks of human agents but at a lower cost.
Increased productivity Seamless and faster 24x7x365 activity.
Quality and accuracy Improve results by reducing human error.
Scalability The automation level can be increased and adjusted on demand.
Audits and Metrics The platform provides a complete set of indicators on processes performances.
Security Encrypted communications based on secured profiles.

Jidoka Server

The solution to set up, run and manage your Software Robots.


Run Time

Coordinates the deployment of robots in the nodes and stores statistical information.


Software programs executed automatically or manually by an operator.


Desktop application that provides reports on robotics operations.


PCs físicos o virtuales con las aplicaciones sobre las que trabajarán los robots.

Available options

Jidoka Server is a flexible solution suitable to different organizations needs. It is available in the following options:

On Site

Perpetual license installed on your own hardware infrastructure.


Pay-for-use license that requires a minimal initial investment, allowing you to grow as your automation needs increase.

Software robots for your daily tasks

Jidoka is being implemented in several public and private organizations from a wide range of sectors, with applications in many different areas:

  • HR management system.
  • CRM (client data, contacts update, etc.).
  • Accounting and bank conciliation.
  • Corporate reports and dashboards.
  • Inventory management and logistics.
  • Competitive monitoring.

To deploy automation we apply an iterative and incremental approach according to our motto “automate whatever is automatable at a reasonable price”.

Jidoka works with multiple systems such as: