OnBase a Hyland Software Solution

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product designed to drive high-volume, high-value transaction processes.

It is a technological solution that has approximately 200 modules, which can be combined in different ways to create a tailored solution that meets the specific requirements of your company. Organizations can implement OnBase as a standalone department solution or deploy it as a comprehensive solution for the entire organization.

OnBase solutions include:
  • Capture: Import your documents and data to OnBase
  • Process: Make your processes more efficient
  • Access: Access your information
  • Integration: Integrate OnBase with your other applications
  • Analysis: Analyze the state of your company
  • Storage: Store, keep and destroy your documents

With OnBase, organizations meet their corporate objectives, impose system-wide business checks, and implement the data recovery in disaster scenarios.

Over 6,500 organizations worldwide have chosen OnBase because its price/performance ratio is easy to justify, since its configurability and fast deployment result in lower professional service costs than those offered by the competition. In addition, its ease of use reduces training time and business interruptions.

OnBase manages solutions per specific sectors:

  • Commercial solutions
  • Financial services
  • Public administration solutions
  • Healthcare solutions
  • Higher education solutions
  • Insurance solutions

Why choose OnBase?

A product with many solutions:

Unlike other ECM products, OnBase is not a collection of acquired technologies. It is an ECM application suite that has been developed continuously and organically to share the same base code, user interface, content upload and security and administration modules.

Secure, scalable and reliable architecture:

OnBase creates a customized set of product rights and privileges for each user group in order to maintain a high level of security.

OnBase's architecture includes scalable, reliable access to OnBase content uploads, backward compatibility of configurations for current contents, security, user groups, databases and OnBase file storage.

Stability, innovation and performance:

Both product development and corporate management show focus on continuous improvement, stable growth and value-added offering.

Fast deployment and a great effective time/benefit ratio:

Since implementing OnBase takes little or no customized coding, the product can be deployed in a shorter timeframe and require less professional services compared to platform-specific ECM suites.

Industry expertise:

OnBase customers work as product-trained providers with employees who know the specific commercial application. Experts with specific industrial or commercial knowledge collaborate with our customers on a daily basis.

Easily assimilated technologies:

OnBase is designed to overcome end user resistance to the adoption of new technologies, allowing them to start working with OnBase documents with just a few minutes of training. The OnBase interface can be configured quickly and easily to meet the specific needs of all the organization's employees.

Excellent customer service and support:

Hyland Software deliberately cultivates a corporate culture that has as first priority meeting the needs of OnBase customers. Whether it is creating new functions from customer comments or to provide educational services, events, and user forums, OnBase customers can expect a professional, timely and suitable service from Hyland employees and the outstanding network of authorized OnBase product suppliers.

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