Business Solutions

Leading supplier of electronic signature tablets, interactive monitors, and mobile signature solutions.

Whether you are interested in improving your digital workflow or the effectiveness of your visual communications, Wacom business solutions are here to help you. Our devices are reliable, durable, and easy to use. We can help you find the right companion for integration and software services. And if you wish to develop your own software, we can also help with software developer kits.

A solution for every need

From our unique electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology to the best active and passive electrostatic solutions. We are committed to incorporating the Wacom feel in all types of devices and market segments. We are ready to work with you and find a proper solution for your product.

Banking and financial services

Paperless opening of accounts, applications and transactions

Major banking institutions and retail companies are enjoying the benefits of saving money with the help of Wacom's handheld electronic signature and e-form solutions.

Health care

Patients and health care professionals benefit from the use of a stylus

Improve your process of admission and consent, the effectiveness of medical records and communication with patients by using a Wacom pen directly on the screen.

Hospitality & Tourism

Electronic signature for reservations and guest registration

Tourists, customers and guests appreciate a quick and easy method to register, book reservations and sign rental agreements, while your organization enjoys the money savings of not using paper.


Paperless policies, applications, claims, and change requests

Policy forms and documents can be created, filled out and signed electronically, resulting in cost savings and less processing time. Paper and filing costs are eliminated.


Paperless contracts generate efficiency for carriers and providers

Numerous telecommunications operators, such as Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica, have integrated handheld electronic signatures in their current customer systems.

Public Sector

Wacom pen devices help governments and public services be more efficient

E-forms and electronic signatures entail significant cost savings for governments while accelerating processes. The use of a pen directly on the screen helps command centers have a better response capacity.


Use of e-signatures for effective order, approval and delivery processes

Handheld electronic signatures are more convenient for your customers and professional services.

Retail outlets

Electronic signatures save time and money

Handheld electronic signatures are increasingly being used for service contracts, purchase agreements, approvals and applications.

Meeting and training rooms

Communicate visually with a Wacom Interactive monitor

Raise your audience's interest and communicate more effectively using a Wacom pen to mark and annotate your presentations and training materials.