SMS Messaging System

What is SEA Connection?
It is a text messaging service to cell phones allowing you to communicate directly with your customers about services, news, notices, offers, promotions, and announcements. You can rely on the monitoring and control of information, improving communication.

SEA Connection is a mass messaging system equipped with information management tools allowing interaction from a web environment to the recipient-s cell phone. It can be integrated with the customer's systems via web services through its API module. It is a very user-friendly web platform. You can have contact groups or simply send individual custom SMS; also, it can set the time and date for messages to be sent automatically.


Our text messaging service allows customers to send mass messages to mobile devices in Costa Rica.

The text messaging service has several functions. Some common uses are: scheduling medical appointments, reminders of event dates and times, cancellation of meetings or appointments, expiration notifications, and payment reminders, among others.


  • Public image as an innovating leader in the areas of technology and communication.
  • It facilitates real/time collections management. It is less intrusive then constant calls requesting payment or reminding about a due date.
  • It customizes the sender with the name or brand of the company. Your customers will know immediately who is sending the message.
  • Time optimization at a low cost. Messaging is a timely and effective way compared to telephone calls.
  • It is not necessary to perform installations or download anything; you only need a computer to access our web-based platform.
  • The text messages you send can include content, adding a link to your company web site.
  • You can perform full real-time monitoring of every text message sent, and to generate reports.
  • Schedule your messages using the SMS platform. You can schedule the date and time.
  • Our mass text messaging service allows you to customize your text messages, making them more direct and effective. Including the time and date of events, meetings, appointments or notifications will provide a more effective service.


  • Schools: It allows fast and direct communication from your institution with the parent or tutor. It is also a tool to keep the student community informed by means of real-time notifications about upcoming events, grades, absenteeism, collections, changes in schedule, and payment of tuition fees, among others.

  • Insurance: Thanks to our platform, you have a collections tool via SMS to make it easier, less expensive and more effective. You can also send notices and reminders about policy expirations.

  • Marketing: The platform is able to handle high message volumes, reaching large audiences.

  • Collections: Your company will be able to collect through SMS messages in a faster, cheaper and more direct way, and it also serves to remind about payments and invoice expiration dates.

  • Churches: It brings members closer to the church, keeping them informed about important dates, meetings, and activities, among other topics of interest.

  • Education: A platform for any type of education system, allowing you to keep the student community informed about courses, dates of admission tests and registration, as well as reminder about payments and new courses, among others.

  • Banking: Web platform to send and receive operational messages. In addition, you can tell your clients about new savings and loan plans, and report the status of their procedures and formalities.

  • Government: It allows government bodies to send notices in real time such as reminders on tax obligations, calls for training sessions, and events. It is also a support tool for the police force.

  • Advertising: Position your brand or product by sending content of interest to your customers' cell phone, such as discounts, promotions, or general information about your products or services. Mass SMS is a fully effective method for this type of advertising interaction: it's in real time and targeted to a specific audience.

  • Medical appointments: Save with mass SMS; avoid phone calls and achieve better interaction with your patients, reminding them about their appointments (including rescheduling and cancellation) or when to take their medication.

  • Restaurants or services: Inform your clients about special days, promotions, discounts, and reservations, among others. An excellent tool to increase your sales..