We tap into the value that technology can deliver, as specialists in providing solutions to our customers, we face the challenge of the operation, the processes and users. We are focused on improving the user and customer experience.



At Sea Servicios we are specialists in process automation, help us to understand your processes, and we will support you in documenting and improving them, leading to their digitization. With knowledge in custom software development technology or with the incorporation of robust RPA (robotic process automation) tools, flow automation tools and document management, you will obtain the streamlining of processes in a fast, efficient, reliable and safe way; so you can focus on what is most important to the business and thus build competitiveness, efficiency and customer value.

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We represent a market leading ECM, CSP solution, with many years of experience in business content management issues and content services platforms we have managed to support our customers in being much more efficient in their processes and services.

When you use OnBase in your organization, you trust a solution that is a recognized leader in the enterprise content management (ECM) market. OnBase manages content from inception, throughout the information lifecycle to archiving and eventual deletion.

With these tools, the ECM and CSP requirements are met, as well as having functionalities that exceed the standard of other products. OnBase also provides case management, business process management (BPM) and capture technologies on the same platform, which can be extended with ShareBase, a file sync and share solution.

The OnBase platform can be integrated with an existing environment, deployed to be used on mobile devices, available on-premises or in the cloud.

Intelligent Automation
By anticipating the needs of users and customers, we enable your employees to focus on value tasks and develop more relevant connections with the people they serve.
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The development of custom software is a personalized service that offers specific and unique computer solutions to the particular needs of each company. Our team of experts works closely with the customer to thoroughly understand the requirements and key business processes, then designs and develops a tailor-made solution that perfectly suits those needs.

Our focus on custom software development provides highly flexible, secure solutions designed to be scalable and easily integrated with other tools and systems. Task automation enables greater efficiency in resource use, which in turn improves productivity and reduces costs.

We offer a wide variety of custom development services, including:

  • Custom software development, that satisfies the specific needs of your business or project

  • Website construction, custom-designed to represent your brand and enhance your online presence

  • Creation of mobile and desktop apps,adapted to the needs of your business and your user’s devices

  • Development of online stores (e-commerce), to help you expand your business and sell products online in an efficient manner

Sea Conection


We implement the digital signature solution that complies with Certificates Law, digital signatures and electronic documents.

Digital signature is a technological tool that allows for the verification of its integrity, as well as legally identifying the link between the author and the electronic document.

According to the enactment of the Certificates Law, digital signatures and electronic documents - Law 8454, it conferred the legal basis for the issuance and use of Digital Signature Certificates in the country, granting it and electronic documents the legal equivalence and the same evidentiary value than that of the handwritten signature and physical documents.

Our Development Engineers are able to incorporate the necessary technological elements for your website and/or application to operate with the existing digital signature regulations.

Save time and ensure access to your controlled use applications to authorized users only by incorporating a digital signature as an access validator.

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Our payment gateway solution allows you to receive payments online using debit or credit cards. Take one more step towards digital acceleration by integrating this solution. Offer an excellent user experience when using your online sales platforms.

Collecting online is now simple and safe.

Our payment gateway integrates with the main point of sale sites on the web. We do it in a simple manner and applying market recommendations by strictly following the protocols established by financial institutions regarding electronic payments. Give your point of web sale via app a 180 degree turn, receive online payments with our payment gateway solution.

Sea Conection


What is SEA Connection?

It is a two-way communication service through text messaging that allows you to communicate directly with your customers regarding services, news, notices, offers, promotions, calls and other types of information. SEA Connection has a friendly information management tool that provides interaction from a web environment to the cell phone where you can have groups of contacts or simply send individual and customized SMS, in addition to programming the time and date for automatic sending, thus facilitating the control and monitoring of information, improving communication with your customers.

SEA Connection sends messages in bulk to mobile devices in Costa Rica.


  • Showcasing yourself to the public as an innovative leader in the areas of technology and communication.
  • Facilitates collection management, in real time. It is less intrusive than constant calls requesting a payment or to remind of a due date.
  • Customizes the sender with the name of the company or brand. This way your customers will immediately know who is sending the message.
  • Time optimization at a lower cost. The message is a timely and effective means compared to phone calls.
  • No installation or download necessary, you only need a computer to access our web platform.
  • Within text messages, you can send content by adding a redirect link to your company’s website.
  • You will be able to keep track of each text message sent in real time, allowing for the creation of reports.
  • Schedule your shipments through the SMS platform, where you can program the day and time of shipment.

Mass text messaging service allows you to customize your message, by including name, date and time of events, meetings, appointments or notifications, providing a more direct and effective service.



We know the importance of keeping your business safe, with access to real-time information inside and outside the office, where your agents and delivery personnel have a platform that facilitates business management. Kolekto is a tool for the automation of the sales force (SFA - Sales Force Automation) with online pre-sale and mobile collection functions that will facilitate the day-to-day life of your collaborators and the administration of your business, due to its instant data update, you don’t need to wait until the end of the day to gather information on transactions, but instead you can simultaneously carry out settlement tasks.


  • Access from multiple devices.

  • Access to customer information.

  • Visualization of routes (visits and deliveries) according to order of location.

  • Geolocation registration of the customer, communication with navigation apps.

  • Creation of orders on site with access to inventories (Pre-sale)

  • Data update in real time.

  • Communication of promotions.

  • On site sales control.

  • Updated statement.

  • On site payment registration (Mobile Collection)

  • Creation of receipts.

  • Creation of reports.

Sea Tracking


Our tracking solution:

It allows you to manage shipment of products to your customers in an agile and efficient manner, thus providing reliable traceability of information.

It also has a report generator with information and statuses, thus having control of shipments to customers.

We integrate with your main inventory, billing and customer portal systems to keep information up to date at all times.

The courier manager uses an app that allows for providing delivery notifications in real time.

In addition to this, the system can confirm important information to the customer via Text Messages.

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We are aware that companies require quick and efficient attention to problems that may arise on a daily basis, our technical support team is available and trained to provide solutions with a response time that meets the needs of your company.

We support you in:

  • Platform monitoring.
  • Backups and recovery.
  • High availability.
  • Administration management, configuration and administration services.
  • Migration and replication.
  • Others.