Focused on service and customer care, our human talent works together to achieve impactful solutions that add value and facilitate innovation and growth.

We are a Grupo El Ángel company, with more than 18 years of experience and 60 associates who focus directly on customer satisfaction.

We support the achievement of our customer’s strategic objectives and goals. We have extensive business units such as: Administrative, Financial, Technological and Legal Services.

We believe that technology can revolutionize companies and together with professional talent and building new ideas we co-generate customized services for our customers.

We specialize in business analysis, consulting, and information automation; all key elements for a digital transformation. Our main focus has been the integration of solutions where technology, knowledge and expertise in industry management processes converge.

Understanding the importance of information security, we have worked to strengthen commercial alliances with recognized international companies to mitigate the risk associated with control and management of information, which has allowed us to add value to the proposals that we present to customers.

Our Sustainability Policy

In SEA SERVICIOS we understand that sustainability is part of our values, where human talent and its professional development is the fundamental pillar to the fulfillment of the business strategy, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the services we offer to our customers

At SEA SERVICIOS we are committed to sustainability and the responsible development of the technologies we represent, and the services we offer our customers are also aligned with social and environmental sustainability.

At SEA SERVICIOS we are committed to creating a positive impact in our environment and society. We recognize our responsibility in the preservation of the environment and the improvement of the quality of life within the communities in which we operate.

Our objectives are reducing the environmental footprint, the use of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions, and generation of waste. We promote responsible consumption practices and encourage energy efficiency in all our work areas. We encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion within our workforce, promoting ethic and transparent business practices.


Providing solutions and services that include best practices and cutting-edge technology aligned with sustainability, building greater efficiency in our customer’s competitive management.
The purpose of Sea defines our values and shapes our behavior, which have been adopted as a guide to orient each associate’s attitudes and keep common objectives together.

Our values are aligned with the philosophy of life of El Ángel’s Partners.

Our values



The sustainability policy is a business reference framework and complements our business lines and the management of our associates.

It is our goal that it be present in all our daily activities, even shared with our daily life in our homes, in our professional activity, in the services we offer, in the projects and solutions we develop; we seek to integrate it directly in all aspects of our daily activities.

It is our goal that sustainability be present in

  • The way we work: How we conduct our internal processes, decision-making, organization, project management, and our customer’s deliverables. Our associates incorporate these elements in the way they relate with customers, providers, and society. At every moment, our core identity business prevails, directly influencing what we do and how we do it. In summary, our production activity is in harmony with our environment, the community, and the society in which we interact.

  • Our workplace: We are committed to the rational use of resources including, among others, water and electricity. We strive to act consistently in the way we use these resources. We maintain our facilities using environmentally-friendly technologies. We also look to create awareness among our associates about waste management by practicing recycling of the waste we generate daily. In summary, our activity incorporates aspects of daily business that permeates the company in compliance with the sustainability objective.

  • Products and services we represent: We represent brands that share our goal on sustainability issues. Manufacturers and their products take active part in global sustainability, allowing them to develop solutions and products that meet environmental and environmentally-friendly regulations. In summary, all products and services we offer our customers are aligned with environmental responsibility and sustainability.

  • Our customer’s projects: We look for quality and the use of best practices in project management. Each solution we provide to our customers has the seal of responsible leadership; we work to develop each stage in a balanced manner, throughout a project's lifecycle. Our purpose is present at every stage of the project, from assessment to management to deliverables.


Reducing the environmental footprint: Minimizing the environmental footprint in business operations. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of natural resources (like water and energy), proper waste management, sustainable computing including process automation, system changes, and technology innovation that incorporates cleaner solutions.

Energy efficiency:
Adopting measures to improve energy efficiency in our facilities. Includes investment in more efficient technologies, implementation of energy-saving practices, and transition to sources of renewable energy.

Promoting diversity and inclusion: Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace environment that values and respects equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic origin.

Transparency and ethics:
Ensuring an ethical and transparent operation in all business activities. This includes following all relevant regulations, disclosing accurate information, and decision-making based on our values.

Sustainable innovation:
 Maintain innovation and research of products and sustainable processes. This includes representing more ecological products and searching for innovative technological solutions that reduce the environmental impact for a better customer experience.

Education and awareness:
Establishing active communications with associates, customers, and interested parties on the importance of sustainability and its contribution. This includes outreach practices on digital sites, presentations, commercial events and internal training, contributing to the entire value chain.

Measurement and monitoring:
Establishing strategic planning, measurable through key performance indicators (KPI) to assess and measure progress toward sustainability objectives.